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Universal Studios

Highlight: Fully escorted, including admission fee $69.00
Departure Date : Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday only

Our tours will including the Hollywood Chinese Theater



Child 3-9





9 AM - 6 PM

Depart at 9 am.passing downtown Los Angeles, you will come to Universal Studios to begin your tour of the “behind-the-scenes” of Hollywood.  You will see where movies and the TV shows are made and how they are filmed.  During the tour, you will also meet the 30 feet King Kong.  Be thrilled by the " Stunt Show Cowboys" ; Relive the attack by the Shark from "Jaws" ; Experience an earthquake, or watch the mesmerizing" Water World " Other attractions include the “Backdraft.”  Universal Studios comes to life with the newest attraction called, “Jurassic Parks” .

Our tours will including the Hollywood Chinese Theater



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