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Disneyland -The Magic Kingdom

Highlights: Fully escorted, including admission fee.
Departure Date: Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday only.



Child (3-9)





9 AM - 6 PM

You will depart from Monterey Park, in Los Angeles and make our way to Disneyland, also known as the Happiest Place on Earth.  Once you are at Disneyland, there are many different attractions inside that you can visit.  Some of these sites include “Sleeping Beauty’s Castle,” “the Haunted Mansion,” “Space Mountain,” and the    “Small World.”  Some of the newer attractions at Disneyland include the “Captain EO 3-D movie and the Indiana Jones ride.  Every time you visit Disneyland, there will be new surprises awaiting, so be sure to come back and relive the magic.

During April - September: request transfer from Disneyland at late night for an additional fee of $15.00


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