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8 Day Tour of Mt. Fuji in Hokone, Tokyo and Toyohashi-nara Kyoto Kobe Osaka

Adult $ 1399/kid 999+ tax
Group departs from USA (will not join with other tour groups), 4-Star Hotels, 3 Meals Per Day (buffet breakfast), International Air Tickets, Deluxe Coach, Experienced Tour Guide (speaks Mandarin/Cantonese/English), Free Stopover in Taipei or Hong Kong.

One Free Stopover in Taipei or Hong Kong

Day 1
You will depart for a transpacific journey to Tokyo via a deluxe jetliner.  You can enjoy the in-flight food & beverage and hospitality.

Day 2
TOKYO (Dinner will be served)
Hotel: Narita Tokyu
Upon arrival at Narita International Airport, a tour guide will meet with you to help you to the hotel.  There, you can enjoy a buffet dinner in the evening.

Day 3
TOKYO (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner will be served)
Hotel: Ginza Dai Ichi
You will begin your tour to the largest Shrine in Tokyo, the Meiji Shrine.  This shrine opened in 1920 and is dedicated to the Emperor and Empress Meiji.  Then, you will have an opportunity to visit the Imperial Palace, considered to be the heart of Tokyo and where the Imperial Family live.  The next destination will be to the Tasaki Pearl Gallery.  This is the world's first pearl museum.  In the afternoon, you will continue on your tour to Asakusa, which has prospered as a center of culture and entertainment. You will visit the Asakusa Sensoji Temple and a few famous Shrines and Temples.  Here, you will find many shops with souvenirs you can purchase.  The last attraction for the day will be the city of Shinjuku.  This is an exciting place, great for sightseeing and shopping.  You will be able to enjoy the nightlife of Shinjuku and the delicious all-you-can eat Shabu-Shabu for dinner.

Day 4
CITY OF HAKONE IN TOKYO (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner will be served)
Hotel: Lake Kawagushi Segaku
Today, you will have an opportunity for a full day of sightseeing in the city of Hakone.  Natural scenery can be enjoyed all year round at such places as Lake Ashi with its famous reflection of Mt.Fuji, the volcanic activity of Owakudani, the Cedar Avenue of the old Tokaido Highway, the site of Hakone Checkpoint, as well as hot springs.

Day 5
FUJI MT.-SHIRAITO WATERFALL-YOKOHAMA-TOKYO (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner will be served)
Hotel: Ginza Dai Ichi
There will be a morning tour of the famous Mount Fuji.  This is a famous tourist spot of Japan.  Mount Fuji is a volcano that has erupted five times, creating a fabulous trail for hiking.  Afterwards, you will visit the picturesque Waterfall of Shiraito.  In the evening, you will proceed to Yokohama for a city tour.  The day will end by going back to the hotel in Tokyo.

Day 6
KYOTO-NARA-OSAKA (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner will be served)
Hotel: Osaka Dai Ichi
You will travel to an ancient city named, Kyoto.  Here holds a thousand years' history of Japan.  You will visit the well-preserved Ori-Heian Shrine and Ori-Shimieu Temple, both built in 1633.  In the afternoon, you will continue to the city of Nara to visit the Todaiji Temple.  Todaiji means “a large temple to the east.”  At this temple, stands a giant bronze statue at a height of 165 feet.  After visiting Nara Deer Park, there will be a drive to Osaka.

Day 7
OSAKA-KOBE-OSAKA (Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner will be served)
Hotel: Osaka Holiday Inn
There will be a tour of the famous Kobe, the busy new port and metropolitan.  You will enjoy sightseeing at China Street, Kobe Tower and the Sake Winery.  Also, enjoy shopping at Kobe’s for quality merchandise.

Day 8
OSAKA-NARITAŽUSA (Breakfast will be served)
There will be a morning train to Narita Airport, and then onward to connect your flight back to the United States.

*Not including international & domestic airport tax, tips, baggage overweight charge and other person is incidentals. LAX tax: $ 60 /person.
*Sequence of activities and flight information of the itinerary will be operated and subject to change or adjusted by the local tour operator. We reserve the right to change the itinerary due to the weather, political or any other complications that may arise.

*Single supplement: $400.
*NOTE: A tour group will be count with a minimum of ten people; TRAVEL UNLIMITED will notify ALL participants of any changes in the departure date or time, or cancellation of trip within 14 days prior to departure or the cost of the trip will be refunded without any interest.  Any VISA fees will not be refunded.
*Price is subject to change without any prior notice.
*Japan Airlines - $20 additional fee for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday returns.

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