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Scandinavia 12 Days with optional 5 Day Extension to Russia

Departure Date (Thursday)


Single Supplement






$ 600.00




$ 600.00




$ 600.00




$ 600.00




$ 600.00




$ 600.00




$ 600.00

· U.S. Domestic air fare reduction for departure from cities of Eastern Standard Time one: $100

· Child fare is for children under 11 and do not ask of r a third bed in the same room with parents.

· Option: After Scandinavia 12 Days Tour, you may continue traveling to Russia for a 5-day tour at the

  cost of $800 per person with a minimum of 15 persons to materialize.

· All prices and hotel accommodations are subject to change without notice

Day 1 USA to Finland

Depart from USA on a flight to Finland.

Day 2 Helsinki to Copenhagen

You will arrive in a beautiful city by the Baltic Sea called Helsinki, in Finland. Sightseeing will include the Senate Square, the Lutheran Church, the Market Square, the Parliament Building, and the Rock Church. In the late afternoon, a flight will take you to the city of Copenhagen. The evening’s highlight will be a visit to the Tivoli Garden, the oldest amusement park in Europe.

Day 3 Copenhagen to Oslo

The half-day city tour will take you to Rosenborg Palace. There will be a photo stop in front of the Amalienborg Palace. You will visit the symbol of the city, the Little Mermaid in Hans C. Anderson’s fairy tale. In the afternoon, you will board the luxurious overnight ferry for the city of Oslo. On board the cruise, you will enjoy a spectacular Scandinavian buffet dinner.

Day 4 Oslo

After a typical Scandinavian buffer breakfast, you will disembark in Oslo. The city tour will take you to the Viking Ship Museum and to the Vigeland Sculpture Park. Later, you will take a drive to Holmenkollen Ski Jump for a panoramic view of the city and the Oslofjord. The afternoon is leisure time for you to rest and explore the city on your own.

Day 5 Oslo to Bergen

From Oslo, you will take a train ride to the city of Bergen. Bergen is one of the most scenic and comfortable in the world. The train will pass through the snow-capped mountains, tumbling waterfalls, tranquil lakes and lovely villages. You will arrive in Bergen in the late afternoon.

Day 6 Bergen to Gudvangen to Fjord Cruise to Laerdal

Bergen, situated on the inner reaches of the Byfjord, is Norway’s second largest city. The half day tour visits the Harbour Side Bryggen. Nearby is the outdoor fish market where you may sample the freshly cooked shrimps, lobsters, and giant crabs. After lunch, you will travel to Gudvangen for a cruise to Norway’s scenic marvel, the magnificent Fjords. You will stay overnight in Laerdal.

Day 7 Laerdal to Oslo

You will travel back to the city of Oslo today. While driving along the road, you can see the Laerdal River, where remnants of an ancient trail is still visible. A quick stop is made at Borgun, for a view of the uniquely Norwegian medieval architecture, the wooden stave churches. This one, dating back to the 12th century, is the best preserved in the country.

Day 8 Oslo to Stockholm

You will travel in a comfortable train to the second largest city in Scandinavia, Stockholm. Along the way, you will pass through some of the loveliest countrysides: rolling green pasturelands, dense forests, and charming lakes. In the evening, you can join the local crowds for an exciting night out in the old town.

Day 9 Stockholm

The city tour will give you an in depth introduction to perhaps the most beautiful of all Scandinavian capitals. The visit to Vasa Museum takes you back in time to an era when Sweden was the dominant maritime power of Northern Europe. Later, you will visit the stunning City Hall and it’s fabulous golden mosaics. This is where the Nobel Price Banquet is held after the ceremony.

Day 10 Stockholm to Helsinki

You will travel to the outskirts of Stockholm for a visit to the elegant Drottningholm Palace. This was once the residence of the royal family. In the afternoon, you will board the luxurious ferry for Helsinki for an overnight stay. Enjoy a splendid Scandinavian buffet dinner on board the cruise.

Day 11 Helsinki to Turku

In the morning, you will arrive in Helsinki. The city tour includes the largest and most clearly profiled of Espoo’s regional centers, Tapiola Garden City and the Russian Uspensky Cathedral. You will also have an opportunity to visit the Olympic Stadium. Later in the day, you will travel to Turku, Finland’s third largest and oldest city. This was once the capital of Finland. In Turku, you will visit the massive 13th century cathedral and the ancient Turku Castle. The tour will stay overnight in Helsinki.

Day 12 Helsinki to USA

There will be leisure time in the morning for you to do some last minute souvenir shopping. You can also use this time to relax or take a nice stroll through town before you leave on a flight from Helsinki to USA.

Russia Extension 5 Days

(After the 12 Day Tour of Scandinavia, you may extend your trip to Russia for 5 days.)

Adult Fare

Child Fare

Single Supplement

$ 800.00

$ 650.00

$ 350.00

· Must be over 15 pax to materialize.

· Three meals provided daily.

· Air fare from Helsinki to Petersburg included.

· All prices and hotel accommodations are subject to change without notice

Day 12 Helsinki to St. Petersburg

In the morning, there will be a short flight from Helsinki to St. Petersburg. This city has many golden-domed churches and is world renowned for their museums and numerous canals that reflect the pastel façade of splendid palaces. You will also visit one of the greatest museums in the world, the Hermitage. Later, their will be a detailed tour of the magnificent St. Issac’s Cathedral.

Day 13 St. Petersburg

The day will begin with a hydrofoil ride that will take you to Peterhof. Situated on the shores of the Gulf of Finland, this was the summer retreat of Peter the Great. The most impressive feature of the place is perhaps the Grand Cascade, a magnificent fountain with a host of golden mythical figures.

Day 14 St. Petersburg to Moscow

In the morning, you will board a flight to Moscow. In Moscow, you will visit the Kremlin, a massive, red-walled city within a city. You will also have an opportunity to see the residence of Tsars and the Russian presidents. Alongside Kremlin is the world famous Red Square, originally a market place, but later turned in to the grounds for the USSR soldiers and military hardware for the May Day Parade.

Day 15 Moscow

You will continue taking a tour of the city and visit the Exhibition of Economic Achievements. This was a well-known tourist attraction before the breakup of the USSR. Now, it is the showcase of private entrepreneurship. Lastly, you will pay a visit to the pride of every Moscovite, the clean and efficient city subway.

Day 16 Moscow to Helsinki to USA

After breakfast in Moscow, you will transfer to Helsinki where you will leave on a flight back to the USA.



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