· All prices and hotel accommodations are subject to change without notice


Day 1 U.S.A. to Beijing

Deluxe flight to Beijing with 3 meals on board and new movies provided.


Day 2 Beijing

Arrive in Beijing in late afternoon and transfer to the hotel directly for a good night sleep.


Day 3 Beijing

The excursion today includes a visit to the Longevity Hill and Kunming Lake.  You will also visit the Summer Palace, a famous resort of Empress Dowager Ci Xi, where you can feast your eyes with the Long Corridor.  After lunch you will visit the Forbidden City, the best-preserved imperial palace in the world, and the Temple of Heaven.


Day 4 Beijing

Today, you will visit the astonishing Great Wall, the only man-made structure on Earth which can be observed from the Moon.  On the way back from the Great Wall, you will visit the Ming Tomb and enjoy the acrobatic show in the evening.


Day 5 Beijing to Xian

Today we explore the well-known Tian Anmen Square before taking the flight to Xian, the city where 11 dynasties in history once took as the capital.  Visit the Big Wild Goose Pagoda upon arrival, and enjoy a stage show of the re-creation of Tang Dynasty Complex of dancing and music after dinner.  Accommodation in Xian.


Day 6 Xian

Known as the starting point of the Silk Road, Xian is home to the QinShiHuang legions of  Terra-Cotta Warriors , which is recognized by UNESCO as the eighth wonder of the world.  After lunch, visit the Hua Qing Pool, a favorite resort of the famous Lady Yang.  Hua Qing Pool is one of the four great beauties in history, where the well-known Xian Incident took place.  In the evening, enjoy the Imperial Dumpling Banquet for dinner.


Day 7 Xian to Guilin

You will fly to Guilin, world famous for its serene landscape and limestone formations. Upon arrival, you will have an opportunity to visit the Reed Flute Cave, the fairyland known as the art gallery of the nature, and other local scenic spots.  Accommodations are made for Guilin.


Day 8 Guilin to Shanghai

Today’s highlight is a cruise along the Li River where you can enjoy the picturesque scenery.  The mountains and rivers in Guilin are the best on Earth and that of Yangsu are the best in Guilin.”  After this unique experience, you will take a fllight to Shanghai in the late afternoon and enjoy a fantastic night view at the Bund.


Day 9 Shanghai to U.S.A.

In the morning, you will take a short tour of the city of Shanghai.  In the afternoon, you will board an overnight flight back to U.S.A.