15 Day Yangtze River Cruise

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Day 1 USA to China

Today, you will depart from the US on an overnight flight to Shanghai, China.


Day 2 Shanghai

Upon your arrival in Shanghai, a tour guide will meet with you and escort you to the hotel for some rest.


Day 3 Shanghai to Yangtze River Cruise

There will be a tour of the city of Shanghai today.  Attractions you will be visiting today include the Yu Garden, the Jade Temple, the Nanjing Road and the Bund.  Later in the day, you will board the Victoria Cruise Ship where an exciting adventure on the Yangtze River will begin.


Day 4 Yangtze River Cruise

The first excursion on the cruise will be the 2500-year old Yangtzhou City.  You will then continue on your journey to Nanjing, the capital of the Jiangsu Province.  Its famous sightseeing places include Dr. Sun Yat Sen’s Mausoleum and the Ming Emperor Zhu Yuanzhang Tomb Site.  Later in the evening, you will head for Huangshan.


Day 5 Yangtze River Cruise

Mt. Huangshan is well known for its unusual rock formations, pines, sea of clouds and the hot springs.  At night, you will leave for Jiujiang.


Day 6 Yangtze River Cruise

Today, you will visit Mt. Lushan.  Mt. Lushan is famous for its precipitous cliffs, waterfalls and deep gullies.  In the afternoon, you will begin to sail for Wuhan.


Day 7 Yangtze River Cruise

Wuhan is the capital of Hubei Province.  It is considered as a passageway to nine provinces because of its accessibility to land and water.  While your stay in Wuhan, you will visit attractions such as the Yellow Crane Tower, the East Lake and the Changjiang Bridge.


Day 8 Yangtze River Cruise

After breakfast in the morning, you will visit Yueyang.  Yueyang lies at the southern bank of the Yangtze River and is famous for its tortoise-snake wine, paper folding fans, artistic porcelain ware and silver needle tea. 


Day 9 Yangtze River Cruise

The Three Gorges will be the highlight of today’s activities.  You will pass through the Xiling Gorge and the Wu Gorge.  In the evening, you will arrive at Wushan.


Day 10 Yangtze River Cruise

The Three Lesser Gorges include the Dragon Gate, the Misty and the Emerald Gorge.  You will board a small river craft at Wushan for an exciting upstream ride on Daning River to the spectacular sights of the gorges.  In the afternoon, you will pass the Qutang Gorge.


Day 11 Yangtze River Cruise

Today, there will be an excursion to either Wanxian or Fengdu.  Wanxian is famous for its products in silk, leather, batten, bamboo and wood.  Its nickname is “City of the King.”  Fengdu on the other hand is known as “City of Ghosts.”  Fengdu has many statues of different ghosts on display.


Day 12 Yangtze River Cruise to Chongqing to Beijing

The Yangtze River Cruise ends today at Chongqing.  You will disembark from the Victoria Cruise Ship and head in to town for a brief city tour.  Attractions you will be visiting include the Eling Park and the zoo.  For lunch, a local cuisine will be served.  After lunch in the afternoon, you will board a flight to Beijing.


Day 13 Beijing

You will spend the day touring Beijing, the capital of China.  You will visit the famous landmark, Tiananmen Square.  Tiananmen Square is the largest public square in the world.  You will also visit the Forbidden City and the Emperor’s Summer Palace.  In the evening, the Emperor’s Banquet will be served.  After dinner, you will have an opportunity to watch the Chinese Opera.


Day 14 Beijing

The highlight of today is one of the seven great man-made wonders of the world.  Your visit to China will not be complete if you do not visit the Great Wall of China.  The Great Wall is the only structure that can be seen from the moon.  In the afternoon, you will visit the Ming Tomb before you are treated to a Peking Duck Banquet for dinner in the evening.


Day 15 Beijing to USA

Today, you will board an overnight flight from Beijing, China back to the US.