10 Day Tour of Three Gorges and Huangshan Mountain


All prices and hotel accommodations are subject to change without notice


Day 1&2 Los Angeles to Guangzhou

You will depart on an overnight flight from Los Angeles to Guangzhou.

Day 3 Guangzhou to Hongqing

You will arrive at the Guangzhou Baiyun Airport in the morning. Then, there will be a transfer flight to Chongqing, where you will get a city tour. In Chongqing, enjoy a delicious Sichuan Cuisine. After dinner, you will board the Regal China Cruise boat and start your tour along the Yangtze River.


Day 4 Chongqing to Three Gorges

After breakfast, you will depart Chongqing and begin a journey on the Yangtze River. You will explore Fengdu, which is called the City of Ghosts.


Day 5 Three Gorges (Qutang Gorge, Wu Gorge, Shennong stream)

In the morning, experience a thrill of sailing through the magnificent Qutang Gorge and Wu Gorge before arriving in Badong. Once you arrive in Badong, you will transfer to a boat for an experience in Shennong Stream Drifting. You will continue to sail for San Dou Ping and pass through the last gorge, called the Xiling Gorge, for a breathtaking experience. You will arrive in San Dou Ping in the evening where the Three Gorges Dam Project Site is located.


Day 6 San Dou Ping/Wuhan

Today, you will visit the Three Gorges Dam Project Site and enter the eastern part of Xiling Gorge. Around noon time, you will pass the Gezhou Dam Ship Lock.


Day 7 Wuhan/Huangshan

You will arrive in Wuhan at around noon time. Upon arrival in Wuhan, a tour guide will meet and help you transfer to the airport for a flight to Huangshan. Huangshan is recognized by UNESCO as the rich heritage of mankind. Mt.Huangshan has been famous for thousands of years for its unique pine-trees, stones of strange shapes, the sea of clouds, and hot springs. After getting off the cable car which takes you to the mountain top, you can either walk or hire a sedan chair to the spot where you can feast your eyes on the beautiful view of various peaks and the gorgeous sunset.


Day 8 Huangshan

You will become enchanted by the face of the mountain as it changes from hour to hour, dawn to dusk, and season to season. You will stay overnight at the deluxe Hotel at the mountain summit.


Day 9 Huangshan

Awake early to catch the breath-taking view of the Sun rising from the horizon with mountain peaks shrouded in the sea of clouds. You will experience the four uniqu views of the mountain before descending by cable car. AccommodatIions at the foot of the mountain.


Day 10 Huangshan to Guangzhou

You can linger around Mt. Huangshan in the morning and visit the old town,Tunxi in the afternoon. In Tunxi, you will take a flight to Guangzhou where you will be transferred to your international homebound flight.