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7 Day Tour of Yellowstone National Park

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Departure Date : Wednesday 6/13 - 8/29 , Saturday 5/5 - 9/29  

Day 1 Los Angeles to Mesquite
Eureka Mesquite or similar

You will leave Los Angeles in the morning by bus. Drive past the San Bernardino Forest and through the Mojave Desert into the States of Nevada, You will have lunch in Las Vegas and arrive at Mesquite in the evening.  

Day 2 Zion National Park to Red Canyon to Bryce Canyon National Park to Salt Lake City
Red Lion Hotel, or similar

Today, you will receive a tour of the Zion National Park where you can feast your eyes on all kinds of sentinel rocks and other spectacular sights created by Mother Nature. Proceed to Bryce Canyon National Park where a variety of rock shapes and textures can be found. At an elevation of 8000 feet, you will experience a wonderful view of the forest of rocks left standing after millions of years of erosion. You will spend the night in Salt Lake City, Utah.  

Day 3 Salt Lake City to Grand Teton to Yellowstone National Park
Yellowstone Park Lodge, or similar

You will leave Salt Lake City early in the morning and drive along the Great Salt Lake Basin. The salinity of the water here is seven times greater than that of the ocean. You will reach the cowboy state of Wyoming by noontime. After lunch, you will continue your bus ride along the Snake River, arriving at the Grand Teton National Park and then the famous Yellowstone National Park.  

Day 4 Yellowstone National Park
Yellowstone Park Lodge, or similar

Today, you will have a full day tour of the park. It features the Yellowstone Canyon, the Yellowstone Waterfalls, hot spring geysers and the active volcanoes. The park is also a sanctuary for many wild animals and birds. You will stay overnight inside the park.  

Day 5 Yellowstone National Park to Idaho Falls to Salt Lake City
Red Lion Hotel, or similar

You will continue your tour of Yellowstone National Park in the morning. Your tour bus will drive past the Great Divide (watershed of the American Continent) to arrive at Mammoth Hot Springs where you can view the multi-colored lava flow from extinct volcanoes, examine the fossilized trees and catch the glimmer of the beautiful lakes in the secluded woods. In the afternoon, you will proceed to the Idaho Falls, famous for its cattle farming. You will stay overnight in Salt Lake City.  

Day 6 Salt Lake City to Las Vegas
Stardust, Riviera or similar

In the morning, you will receive a tour of Salt Lake City, one of America most unique cities. Determination and vision, coupled with religious zeal and leadership built this city from the desert. You will visit the Mormon temple and the state capital In the afternoon, you will head back to Las Vegas, the gambling capital of the world, where you will spend the night. You will have an opportunity to see one of the spectacular shows the hotel puts on. Your tour guide will help you with arrangements if you need  

Day 7 Las Vegas to Lenwood to Los Angeles

You will have the morning to rest or to explore more of Las Vegas on your own. In the afternoon, you will leave Las Vegas, stopping at Lenwood Factory Merchants Outlet. You will return home in the evening.


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