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6 Days Tour Yellowstone and Mt. Rushmore

Super Vacation

$718.00 + 35 tax
$558.00 + 35 tax
$538.00 + 35 tax
$518.00 + 35 tax
$458.00 + 35 tax

All prices and hotel accommodations are subject to change without notice

Departure Date : Wednesday 6/13 - 8/29 and Saturday 5/26 - 9/1

Highlights : Tours to Salt Lake City, Grand Teton, Yellowstone National Park,
Mt. Rushmore and Devil's Towerr. Stay 2 nights at Yellowstone and 1 night at
Salt Lake City downtown. LAX - SLC - LAX round trip air ticket included.
Land only less $170.00

Day 1 Los Angeles to Salt Lake City
Red Lion Salt Lake Hotel

You will depart from Los Angeles in the morning and board a flight for the capital of Utah, Salt Lake City and the Mormon Temple Square. †  

Day 2 Salt Lake City to Grand Teton National Park to Yellowstone National Park
Yellowstone Park Lodge, or similar

In the morning, you will depart Salt Lake City for Grand Teton National Park. Your tour bus will drive along the great Salt Lake Basin. By noon, you will have reached the cowboy state, Wyoming. Enjoy lunch and a brief shopping visit in the famous town of Jackson Hole. After lunch, you will continue along the Snake River to the Grand Teton National Park and the world famous Yellowstone National Park.  

Day 3 Yellowstone National Park
Yellowstone Park Lodge, or similar

Today, you will receive a full day tour of Yellowstone National Park. It features the Yellowstone canyon, waterfalls, geysers and active volcanoes. The park is also a sanctuary for many wild animals and birds. You will stay overnight in the park.  

Day 4 Yellowstone National Park to Bighorn Mountain to Gillette
Days Inn, or similar

You will leave Yellowstone National Park via a twisting road through the beautiful forests of the east. Here, climb through the Shell Canyon into the Bighorn Mountain. You will spend the night at Gillette.  

Day 5 Gillette to Devilís Tower to Mt. Rushmore to Casper
Radisson Hotel, or similar

You will depart for Devils Tower National Monument, a towering volcano long held sacred by the Indians. You continue to Mt. Rushmore National Monuments where the sculptured faces of four presidents, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln sit.  

Day 6 Casper to Salt Lake City to Los Angeles

You will leave the hotel in the morning and head towards Independence Rock and Devil Gate.The tour bus will pass through the Mormon Pioneer Oregon Trail and make its way back to Salt Lake City. You will be transferred to the airport for an evening flight back to Los Angeles.

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