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6 Day Tour of Oahu Island, Mau Nhi Island and Volcano Island


All prices and hotel accommodations are subject to change without notice  

Day 1 Hometown to Honolulu

Today, you will depart for Honolulu. Please meet at the luggage pick-up area upon your arrival to meet your tour guide. They will help you transfer to the hotel.  

Day 2 Hawaii

In the morning, you will have an opportunity to view a documentary film on World War II. Other attractions include the Hall of the State, the House of the State Governor, the Chinese City Palace, the Copper Statue and the Administrative hall.  

Day 3 Hawaii

Today, you will have an opportunity to visit Waikiki Beach. Then, you can enter and explore the Diamond Volcano mouth, one of the three dead volcanoes of the Oahu Island. Other activities for today include water-skiing and visiting the Hai Toan natural erupting mouth and the warm beaches of Hawaii. You will also be visiting attractions such as the Hawaiian tribes and the Dai Phong Hau landscape among other sites.  

Day 4 Volcano Island

You will depart on a flight to the Volcano Island. You will see the black sand beach under the volcano mouth and have a chance to visit the national park of unique volcanoes within the United States. The volcano museum shows miraculous geographic landscapes, lava pits and hot-water erupting places. You will also have an opportunity to visit the Orchid Flower Park, the Hawaii Rainbow Fall and the Volcano Bean Agricultural area.  

Day 5 Mau Nhi Island

You will depart on a flight to Mau Nhi Island. Here, you can see the beautiful landscape, the old famous battle field, the Ethnic minority park, the tropical tree park, and the Whale Museum amongst some others.  

Day 6 Hawaii to Hometown

After breakfast, you will be transferred to the airport for your flight back to your hometown.


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