9 Day Tour of Orlando

Car Rental Included

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*Daily Departures

*Package Includes: Tour guide transfer, airport transfer, hotel and admissions

*All prices and hotel accommodations are subject to change


Day 1 Hometown to Florida

You will board a flight from your hometown to Orlando, Florida where a tour guide will meet with you.  They will help you transfer to the hotel.


Day 2 EPCOT Center

Today, take your imagination on an incredible adventure at “Future World.”  You can get miniaturized in the 3-D Thriller, “Honey, I Shrunk the Audience.”  At the “World Showcase,” you can explore France, China and 11 other countries.


Day 3 Magic Kingdom

Some attractions within the Magic Kingdom are the “Encounter Aliens”, “Mickey Mania” and the “Legendary Come to Life.”  You can explore seven different themed lands filled with over 50 attractions and new thrills.


Day 4 MGM Studio

Today, you will explore the new Sunset Boulevard where you can see live shows at the “Theater of Stars” and embark on a bizarre journey in “The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror.”  Other attractions include the Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular and the Muppet Vision 3-D.


Day 5 Animal Kingdom

The Animal Kingdom is an up-close, full-day adventure in to the untamed beauty and unrestrained power of the animal world, both real and not so real.  You can experience the thrill of a safari adventure and travel back in time over 65 million years to rescue the last dinosaur from extinction.  You’ll enjoy all the magic and fun of Disney with the amazing reality of nature.  It’s a Disney adventure like no other.


Day 6 Sea World

At Sea World, you will be able to feed the dolphins and discover nesting sea turtles, sea lions and seals.  You can witness a beluga whale surface and make faces with a walrus.


Day 7 Universal Studios

Take a ride through different movie sets and discover the different techniques for sound and stage effects.  You will also learn some movie making techniques.  Some attractions at Universal Studios include the “Jaws Confrontation,” the “E.T. Adventure,” “Earthquake,” “Back to the Future,” and “Terminator.” 


Day 8 Splendid China or Kennedy Space Museum

Splendid China

At Splendid China, enjoy a journey through 5,000 years of Chinese history and culture on a 76-acre site, which includes the Great Wall, the Forbidden City, the Leshan Buddha and the Stone Forest.  A “Mysterious Kingdom Orient” Dinner Show will lead you to an unforgettable trip.

Kennedy Space Center

At the Kennedy Space Center, you will get a tour of NASA’s Space Shuttle facilities.  You’ll have an opportunity to see the launch pads, the Assembly Building, rockets, space shuttles, spacecrafts and also the astronaut memorial.  This will be the closest thing you’ll see to the real thing.


Day 9 Orlando to Hometown

Today, you will return to Orlando where you will need to return your rental car.  Then, take the free shuttle to the airport where you will board a flight for your hometown.